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Smart Strategies for Established Executives & Retirees

Welcome to Arbor Wealth Advisors

I focus exclusively on financially established executives and retirees who need help implementing wise financial strategies.

I work with a small, select group of clients – most of whom I proudly call friends. I place high value on long-term relationships built on trust and open communication. I will be there when you need me.

The flat, annual fee my clients pay is based solely on the complexity of their unique situations and is the only compensation I receive. It is simple and ensures freedom from conflicts of interest. I’m not compensated via commissions or a percentage of assets under management. I don’t push products or benefit when you accept my recommendations. My advice is totally objective.

My investment philosophy is grounded in academic evidence and not on the typical Wall Street model, which is designed to make money for them, not you. I don’t believe in stock picking or trying to outguess the market.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, I'm obligated by law to act in your best interest. Banks, brokers and insurance agents are held to a lesser standard and incentivized via commissions and other conflicts.

If your philosophies echo mine, I hope you’ll reach out to me.

I believe in 10 Simple Investment Principles that increase your odds of success.

Click here to see them.

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Meet Aaron

Arbor Wealth Advisors has a succession agreement in place with Buckingham Strategic Wealth. Buckingham Strategic Partners, an affiliate of Buckingham Wealth Partners, is a sub-advisor to clients’ portfolios and provides other back office support.